L 2021-40

Tourguide 19" 40x Charger
Article No. 502037


The L 2021-40 19" charger rack has been specially designed for stationary applications. It holds up to 40 receivers that will automatically quick-charge. Truly impressive feature of the charging case is the Copy button. All you need do is to set one receiver to the correct channel, press this button just once, and all of the other receivers in the case will immediately be set to the same channel. At the same time, the L 2021-40 serves as an ethernet LAN port to allow pre-selecting the active channel for each receiver on a central PC. Up to 125 charger racks with up to 5000 receivers can be programmed via CC 2021 control software. CC 2021 offers simple presets to select and confirm channels for all receivers with just one click. Users and service staff can easily monitor which receivers at which station have been prepared for any given language or program. Configuration problems are a thing of the past!


  • Charging rack for 40 receivers

  • Copy button copies the selected channel of one receiver to all others

  • Fast charging in approx. 2.5 hrs

  • Configuration via LAN

  • Certificate of Compliance according:

    • CAN/CSA 60065-03 incl. AM 1
    • UL Std No. 60065-2006
    • IEC 60065(ed. 7); am 1

What's in the box?

  • L 2021-40 Charger Rack
  • CC 2021 PC software on CD

Technical Data

  • Dimensions
    483 x 399 x 172 mm
  • Weight
    8800 g
  • Charging time
    ≤ 2,5 h
  • Power consumption
    ≤ 150 W
  • Operating temperature
    0°C à +40°C
  • Power supply
    400 mA per charging slot
  • Mains voltage
    100 - 240 V ( 50/60 Hz)
  • Voltage
    5 V per charging slot


  • Spec Sheets
  • Instruction Manual
    • Instruction Manual L 2021-40 (1.5 MB) Download

    • Instruction manual Tourguide 2020-D (5.2 MB) Download

  • Technical Drawings
    • Outline dimensions L 2021-40 (6.5 MB) Download

  • Release Notes
    • Release Note RN 1175 v.1.0 - Tourguide Conference Control Software Version (520 KB) Download