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Durable Ear bud headset designed for those with an active lifestyle.
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Combining innovative design and impressive sound quality, Sennheiser’s MX 686G SPORTS is the perfect companion for long runs on the open road. The clever Slide-to-Fit mechanism ensures that these earphones sit comfortably and securely, and the high-output drivers deliver outstanding stereo sound while you push yourself to go the extra mile. The MX 686G SPORTS will also help you to reach the finish line safely, since its open design allows you to hear surrounding traffic noise.

Stay in step and stay alert with the MX 686G SPORTS!


  • Inline smart remote and mic on the cable are compatible with most smartphones and portable players (including Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices)

  • Maximum ruggedness and durability – Sweat and water-resistant

  • Hybrid ear adapters for enhanced bass response and greater situational awareness and safety

  • Antimicrobial ear adapters (SteriTouch)

  • Slide-to-fit system is fully adjustable for an individualized fit

  • Para-aramid-reinforced cable provides superior strength and reliability

  • Oval-shaped cable ensures a tangle-free listening experience and reduced cable noise

  • Convenient storage pouch and cable clip included

  • 2-year warranty

Technical Data

  • Impedance
    30 Ω
  • Frequency response
    18–20,000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level (SPL)
    118 dB (1 kHz/1 Vrms)
  • THD, total harmonic distortion
  • Jack plug
    3.5 mm, angled
  • Cable length
    1.2 m symmetrical cable
  • Pick-up pattern
  • Sensitivity as per 121 TR 9-5
    –44 dB V/Pa
Reviews (5)
4.0 of 5 ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Jeff in Toronto
    Really decent set

    My current pair is starting to wear out after a few years, will have to get a new one. Not sure what they difference between the MX and CX is though.


    I've owned this pair for a few years now and that's amazing in itself. I spent many years buying ear buds every 6 months. If you have an active lifestyle and a heavy user (commute by bike, jogging, listening at work) then you want something that lasts. To go multiple years on these is worth the cost.


    Once the slip on ear covers come off they have a tendency to always come off. I have lost and found them on many an occasion.


    They work well with my android phone while on a bike, a run, or just walking about.


    I would recommend this to a friend.

  • MrTim
    New Zealand
    Great Evolution, Bluetooth ones please...?

    Bluetooth these babies, please, not just the CX range.... Come on :)


    Previous review saying lack of bass?? What are they listening to? I've had the last 4 generations of the MX range & found all of them to be great. Once you get used to the silicone ear pieces, these sound booming & they are lasting well too.


    Not a fan of on-the-cable controls. The slidey up-into-the-ear holders have loosened a little bit & the cable clip has gone rusty


    I wear mine all the time, that they are not isolating means you still feel aware of your surroundings on buses & on the street. Comfortable for wearing when running too


    I would recommend this to a friend.

  • no nick name
    It took me some time to get it right. Once I did, WOW !!

    This set is perfect in any respect. I will just comment about the sound. Well, out of the box, I put them on, connected my Android, and got disappointed by the sound. I tried with my lap top, and got the same impression. I was sure that I've thrown away money... Then on evening I sat and played with the fit a little. I swayed the silicon buds up and then down, keeping close attention to the effect of this positioning on sound. And finally voi-la! As I turned those buds downwards, and rested the ear set slightly at an angle, suddenly all the Sennhieser goodness came to be. The sound suddenly became crisp, bass was deep, and overall music became more airy. Bottom line, you have to experiment to get the most out of it, and once you reach the sweetest position that fits your ears, you'd love them, I'm sure.


    Very well built. Best materials. Great durability. Perfectly fit my ears. Not fatiguing at all even after long hours. Android operation is perfect. Sennhieser sound quality.


    One (well, I) must get to know them a little.


    Telephone calls, gym and workout.


    I would recommend this to a friend.


  • Quick Guides
    • MX686G QG 558218 0716 A04 INT (3.9 MB) Download

  • Safety Guides
    • 686G SPRINT A3 SG 558217 0516 A04 INT (3 MB) Download

  • EU Declaration of Conformity
    • EU Declaration of Conformity CXxxxG, M2xxxG, MXxxxG,OCXxxxG, PMXxxxG (230 KB) Download