MobileConnect Manager
The MobileConnect Manager brings easy management and scalability to your MobileConnect system. It is the single point of administration for all your MobileConnect Stations in the network.
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As one of the three main components of MobileConnect, the MobileConnect Manager represents the single point of administration for all of your MobileConnect Stations. It is a free software that can be installed on an on-premise server to manage and update MobileConnect Stations remotely. It has a clean user interface and can be used by multiple users, for example if the system administrator needs to grant access to an integrator.

Using the MobileConnect Manager is optional and made for using MobileConnect with multiple (5+) MobileConnect Stations. If not required, MobileConnect can also be operated in the so-called Standalone Mode, where single MobileConnect Stations can be run and administered using a local web interface.

  • On premise server installation

  • Separation of streaming and control network possible

  • Highly scalable: additional Stations can easily be added to the system

  • Full range of MobileConnect capabilities, e.g. cloud software updates

  • Allows app users to access streaming channels via automatic service discovery

  • Can be connected to your media control system using a Crestron or Extron plugin

  • Supports process automation via MobileConnect API

  • Display streaming channel QR codes on room signage displays

  • Different user roles with different access rights

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