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Whether you are a church just getting started, or an established church looking to revitalize, you understand the impact that good audio has on your message, and its ability to enable a closer connection to your congregation.

Sennheiser is dedicated to enhancing Worship Audio with microphones, in-ear monitors, wireless systems, and headsets for a noticeably deeper engagement in music and spoken word. For over 75 years, this family-owned company has been the choice of audio professionals on stages and in studios around the globe, known for pristine audio, user-friendly interfaces, and long-lasting reliable performance.

With different product ranges, Sennheiser’s catalog maps to each stage of your church’s worship journey. So, whether you are a church plant or an established church, Sennheiser has products designed to fit your budget and worship needs as you grow.

Exclusively focused on sound, its employees live and breathe audio each day, and are passionate about helping church tech teams elevate their services. And with dedicated technical, education and training resources, Sennheiser is ready to support.

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