Developer Portrait: Damian Murphy

Professor at AudioLab, University of York

Damian Murphy is Professor in Sound and Music Computing at the Department of Electronic Engineering AudioLab, University of York, where he has been a member of academic staff since 2000, and is the University Research Champion for Creativity. His research focuses on virtual acoustics, spatial audio, physical modelling, and audio signal processing. He is an active sound artist, and in 2004 was been appointed as one of the UK's first AHRC/ACE Arts and Science Research Fellows, investigating the compositional and aesthetic aspects of sound spatialisation, acoustic modelling techniques and the acoustics of heritage spaces. The AudioLab at York have been developing programmes of research in immersive and spatial sound for many years, considering both engineering and creative approaches.

Professor Murphy's experience in both research and practice has resulted in recent interests in how augmented audio can be used to convey additional channels of information for a listener, as well as used creatively to develop new stories and experiences using immersive sound. The AMBEO Developers Programme is an exciting opportunity to develop such novel content using some of the very latest augmented audio hardware and the AudioLab at the University of York are delighted to be involved.